The improved Pasture, Rangeland and Forage (PRF) program has proven to be an effective risk management tool for ranchers during this year’s drought. Analysis shows that in 2017, in drought-stricken parts of Montana, for every $1 spent on premium, $5 was paid in indemnities. For selected locations in northeast Montana, the average cost was $5,100 and the average drought payment was $26,000 (graph 1).

*Analysis is based upon insuring 75% of the precipitation during the 6 months with the highest precipitation (April-September) on 10,000 acres of rangeland using 2018 crop insurance data.

PRF is the first federally-subsidized insurance program allowing ranchers to manage their risks during short-term drought. In 2017, in Montana, PRF insured 1,560,005 acres. Nationwide – after positive experiences ranchers increased the amount insured by 20 million acres: insuring 70 million acres in 2017 (graph 2).

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