Beware of “No Premium” PRF Policies

Contact USDA Before Agreeing to a “No Premium” PRF Policy Recent schemes may allow those without an insurable interest to benefit from USDA insurance program. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Recently, different schemes have been devised that,...

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What you Need to Know about LRP

USDA's Livestock Risk Protection Insurance for Feeder Cattle: Protecting Livestock Producers Written by: Brandon Willis Unpredictable market conditions and price fluctuations can pose significant risks to livestock producers. To help mitigate these risks, the United...

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LGM Cattle: Lessons From Historical Analysis

LGM Cattle: Lessons From Historical Analysis

Understanding how an insurance product has operated historically provides insights that may help maximize its future potential. LGM-Cattle (LGM) has been available since 2006, yet participation has remained low because there was no premium subsidy until July 1, 2020....

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