Click here to listen to a 15-minute podcast about U.S Secretary of Agriculture nominee Tom Vilsack.  Groundwork, a DC-based podcast asked Ranchers Insurance’s Brandon Willis to share insights into nominee Tom Vilsack from Brandon’s experience as a Senior Advisor during Vilsack’s first term as Secretary of Agriculture. 

Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage Insurance (PRF)

PRF is USDA’s fastest growing insurance program, insuring 141 million acres nationwide. PRF allows you to insure between 70-90% of normal precipitation by using local precipitation data to estimate how much you have received historically and how much you received during the year you insure. When precipitation falls, PRF makes a payment to compensate for the lack of forage. Call today at (866) 374-2112 to find out more about how PRF can improve your bottom-line.

Read Brandon’s Comments to USDA on PRF

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Listen to a short introduction to PRF

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Listen to a short introduction to LRP

Livestock Risk Protection (LRP)

Livestock prices drive your operation’s profitability.  LRP allows cattle and swine producers to protect against declining market prices.  A variety of coverage levels and insurance periods are offered that match the time the livestock would normally be marketed.  LRP provides you the peace of mind that your livestock are covered if prices fall.  Visit for more details or call (866) 374-2112.

Livestock Gross Margin (LGM) – Cattle

LGM-Cattle allows those who own cattle being finished for slaughter to protect their projected margin between the value of their finished cattle and their input costs (corn and feeder cattle), sometimes called the “cattle crush.” Call today at (866) 374-2112 to find out if LGM Cattle is a fit for your operation.

Hands On Experience From Trusted Experts

When you work with Ranchers Insurance you’re getting expertise and knowledge that can only be gained by hands-on industry experience. No other insurance agency has the insights and experience with livestock programs.

“One of the reasons that I put Brandon in that position [overseeing USDA insurance programs] was because he understands that crop insurance program very well and is committed to making it work.”

“[Brandon is] an RMA administrator that understands and appreciates the need to constantly look at ways to improve the product or expand the product.”

Thomas Vilsack

Former Secretary of Agriculture, Speaking about Brandon Willis, our founder, at a Senate Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee hearing in 2013

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